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Norse Myths That Inspired Final Fantasy VII

Why is Midgar the political centre of the Planet, and Nibelheim the home of Cloud Strife? How are the Odin Materia, the Rune Blade, and Vincent Valentine connected? What are the parallels between Ragnarök and the fall of the Shinra Corporation? These questions and many more will be examined and answered.

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Greek Myths That Inspired Final Fantasy VII

Which characters can be compared to the gods of Olympus and which share similarities to divine heroes? What are the connections between the Cetra and water, and how do these relate to the underworld? How closely do the summoned beings Hades, Titan, Typhon, and Phoenix match their mythical namesakes? To what degree does Final Fantasy VII Remake incorporate links to the Fates and the Delphic oracle? These questions and many more will be examined and answered.

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The Nibelheim Incident

In the remote mountainside town of Nibelheim, a mass disappearance of employees from a secure Shinra Corporation facility has raised serious concerns. Sent to investigate the incident, the legendary swordsman Sephiroth begins to unravel the mysteries of the Company’s presence in the region. It is only a matter of time before the horrific truth is revealed, setting in motion a chain of events that could see the ruin of all…

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M. J. Gallagher

Mythology enthusiast and award-winning community author

M. J. Gallagher has been a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise since it was introduced to him in 1997, following the release of Final Fantasy VII. With a professional background in travel writing and cultural tours - as well as producing multiple volumes of an unofficial novelisation of Final Fantasy VII -, Gallagher has adapted his academic style of prose in recent years to bring together two of his passions: Final Fantasy and global mythology.