Greek Myths That Inspired Final Fantasy VII

Which characters can be compared to the gods of Olympus and which share similarities to divine heroes? What are the connections between the Cetra and water, and how do these relate to the underworld? How closely do the summoned beings Hades, Titan, Typhon, and Phoenix match their mythical namesakes? To what degree does Final Fantasy VII Remake incorporate links to the Fates and the Delphic oracle? These questions and many more will be examined and answered.

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Final Fantasy is one of the most iconic and beloved videogame series in the world. Since its inception, its titles have adopted names, themes, and stories from across global mythology. There has been no greater contributor to this than the beliefs of the ancient Greeks.

This book embarks on a detailed exploration of the huge extent to which classical lore influenced the writing and design of Final Fantasy VII – arguably the most critically acclaimed of the franchise –, its wider compilation, and the more recent remake project.

It consists of 21 chapters that cover a wide variety of topics and draw from entries across the Compilation, including the Ultimania guidebooks and other official media. The book assumes the reader is unfamiliar with the content and features an extensive summary of the entire saga as well as a full glossary of terms for reference. Classical sources are regularly cited, ranging from the Hellenic poets Homer and Hesiod to Greco-Roman mythographers such as Ovid and Pseudo-Apollodorus.

Suitable for newcomers and enthusiasts alike.

Cover art and interior illustrations by Cael Lyons


The work is presented as a tribute to the metaseries Compilation of Final Fantasy® VII. The author proposes that the speculative comparisons between Greek mythology and the Compilation of Final Fantasy® VII are unique, and use original thinking and analysis to interpret the inspirations, context, and content of the metaseries. Greek Myths That Inspired Final Fantasy VII has not been approved, licensed, or sponsored by any entity or person involved in creating or producing Final Fantasy®, the videogames, films, or publications.




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A Broad Range of Topics

21 chapters exploring subjects as diverse as the foundations of the world and its afterlife to detailed studies of comparable heroes such as Cloud and Theseus or Vincent and Heracles, and much, much more.

Suitable for All

The book includes an overview of the ancient Greeks and their beliefs, a brief study of how mythology has been implemented in the Final Fantasy series, and a recap of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, providing the reader with a base understanding of the subject matter.

Original Artwork

In addition to the Cerberus-inspired cover design, eight unique interior illustrations by Cael Lyons accompany the individual sections.

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